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Welcome to SouthernNevada9Ball.com

S.N.‘9’.B.T.O.A. Welcomes all players. Whether you're a beginner or up to a
challenge, we have a division that will suit your needs.
Come join in on the fun! Call us today at: 702-353-1932

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About Us

Southern Nevada 9-Ball Tavern Owners Association began organized pool leagues in 1975. While other leagues have come and gone since that time, the S.N.'9'.B.T.O.A. has remained the longest running league in Nevada to date.

Our goal is to promote and encourage playing the sport of billiards. The S.N.'9'.B.T.O.A. is an established and organized league that is designed to allow players to play, compete, and enjoy themselves while playing pool.

We recognize that there are other leagues to choose from and we thank you for your continued support and for making The S.N.'9'.B.T.O.A. "The League Players Prefer".

Awards & Prizes

  • $1.00 back per game won!
  • *No annual membership dues for players*
  • Score keeping is easy and simple!
  • Plaques for 1st and 2nd place teams!
  • Top two division shooters receive cash prizes!
  • Top team shooter of every team in each division earns the privilege to play in the end of season Turkey Shoot for cash prizes!
  • Top two teams from each division play in the state playoffs to determine overall champions!

    *SN9BTOA does not charge annual membership dues to players. However BCA sanctioning fees may apply in certain divisions and are charged by the BCA*

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