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Southern Nevada 9-Ball Tavern Owners Association began organized pool leagues in 1975. While other leagues have come and gone since that time, the S.N.'9'.B.T.O.A. has remained the longest running league in Nevada to date.

Our goal is to promote and encourage playing the sport of billiards. The S.N.'9'.B.T.O.A. is an established and organized league that is designed to allow players to play, compete, and enjoy themselves while playing pool.

We recognize that there are other leagues to choose from and we thank you for your continued support and for making The S.N.'9'.B.T.O.A. "The League Players Prefer".

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  • Plaques for 1st and 2nd place teams!
  • Top two division shooters receive cash prizes!
  • Top team shooter of every team in each division earns the privilege to play in the end of season Turkey Shoot for cash prizes!
  • Top two teams from each division play in the state playoffs to determine overall champions!

    *SN9BTOA does not charge annual membership dues to players. However BCA sanctioning fees may apply in certain divisions and are charged by the BCA*

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December 1, 2011 ~ by Jim Carmona

jim carmonaI recently had a conversation with a fellow pool player and he was recounting a story about a recent league match.  His opponent (after losing the game) didn’t shake his hand, but instead just slapped it away in a rude manner.  The opponent was obviously very upset at having lost and displayed very poor sportsmanship.

As we discussed what happened, we agreed that the incident would make a good topic upon which to write.  When we shake hands before or after a match raises the question about what it really means when we perform this ritual. 

The origin of the handshake is thought by some to have originated in medieval Europe, where kings and knights would extend their hands to each other and grasp hands as a demonstration that each did not possess concealed weapons and intended no harm to the other.  The ancient Greeks used it similarly as a welcoming sign of friendliness, trust, and a gesture of peace.  Today, it is commonly done upon meeting, greeting, parting, offering congratulations, expressing gratitude, or completing an agreement. In sports or other competitive activities, it is also done as a sign of good sportsmanship. The purpose of the handshake is to convey trust, balance, and equality. 

When we shake hands at the beginning of a pool game, we often introduce ourselves, or we say “good luck” or “shoot well”, but it means much more.  In the pool world, the handshake symbolizes that we share a common interest in a great game. It says that we’re grateful to have an opportunity to play, compete, and enjoy the game of pool.  It indicates that we’re students of the game and that we’ll try our best, and continue to strive regardless of the outcome.  It means that we love the game and embrace the challenge it offers. When we shake hands it’s a reflection of our character and our attitude towards the game and our opponent.

Shaking hands after we’ve won is easy.  On the other hand (no pun intended), shaking hands after a loss can sometimes be very challanging.

When we shake our opponents hand after a loss, it doesn’t have to mean that we’re happy our opponent defeated us.  When we lose, our handshake means that we’ll continue to work on our game and perform better in our next meeting.  It indicates we understand that we’re not going to win every time.  It says that this time the opponent may have won, but next time belongs to me.  It shows that we’re true competitors and that we’re prepared to endure the losses in order to achieve greatness.  By shaking hands after a loss, we display honor and respect for the game, and we show gracefulness by offering congratulations to our opponent for their achievement.  

The game of pool can be extremely challanging.  To entertain any chance of mastering it, we must first master ourselves, especially when faced with adversity.       

By displaying good sportsmanship, we add professionalism to the game, and we do our part to help promote the game of pool.  Most importanly, we allow ourselves to grow and become better players and people.

If the purpose of the handshake is to convey trust, balance, and equality, then we must trust that achieving greatness requires good sportsmanship, and that we must always maintain our emotional balance regardless of the outcome.  As far as equality goes, all players are created equal; some just practice harder than others. 

Until next time, keep practicing, play well, and we’ll see you in the winners circle!

Jim Carmona


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